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About us

Hash clothing Brand – who are we?

A dash of desire, a pinch of passion, a drop of chance, a lot of work, team support and an immeasurable amount of glitter - these are the key ingredients of the recipe for HASH clothing brand.

We are a factory that is developing dynamically and specializes in sewing clothing, mainly dedicated to pole dancing.
The brand was founded in December 2018, but the idea for it was born much earlier. If you want to know our detailed history, please visit our blog.

In short:
Hi! My name is Alicja and I am the owner of the HASH clothing brand. I am responsible for designing our amazing costumes. Our products are not just clothes, they are unique style, individuality and quality - but I could talk about this for hours. Curious? You can find more in this post. And Wojtek, privately my husband, is passionate about the technological development of our sewing room. His love for precision, technique and technology motivates us to constantly improve not only our hash machinery, but also to refine new development concepts.

The beginning of my activity was sewing costumes for students of a friendly pole dance school. My unique creations and individual approach to each client quickly gained recognition and popularity among pole dancers. At Wojtek's encouragement, I decided to expand my business and from "garage" production, we built a sewing room to be able to meet the growing orders. Now, we are ready for the next challenges that face us every day.

Our debut on the e-commerce market turned out to be a huge success. Our unique products, characterized by unique designs and high quality, attract customers from all over the world. By focusing on what we do best, we are constantly expanding the group of our satisfied clients.
It's amazing that all this magic happens in a small village near Wrocław. We are sure that our outfits will make you feel like a star during every training session! Thank you for your support and we cordially invite you to discover our world! HASH CLOTHING BRAND